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Coronavirus: Australian scientists first to recreate virus outside China

Across China other nations around the world are starting to increase their precautions. Just a short while ago, British Airways said, it was suspending all flights to and from mainland. China that comes after the British government advised against all but essential travel to China and Indonesia's Lyon air has also just said it's suspending its flights. Other airlines including United Airlines, Air Canada and Caffe Pacific Airways have canceled some flights to China, although in some cases; it is because of a lack of demand.  
The official figures from China show how the coronavirus is continuing to spread the number of confirmed fatalities rose by 26 to 132 as of Wednesday morning. Almost all those deaths are in Hubei Province, where the coronavirus was first discovered and there was also a sharp increase in the number of confirmed infections up by almost a third to standard just under six thousand well here's. What the Chinese officials had to say at a news conference in Beijing just a short time ago we are now in the critical period of the prevention of this epidemic. We need to control the potential source of Pyro's yes recently we do have people travel from Hubei to function area and in other communities. we also have the similar travelers from Wuhan and also we actually have the registration and management of those people who travel from ohan or from the Hebei province and ask them to stay at home for the 14 days quarantine.

Coronavirus- Coronavirus in Cats

A country that certainly around Wuhan the epicentre City and the surrounding province of Hebei essentially a lockdown involving millions of millions of people on the other hand. International governments seeking to remove their people from that city. At the same time airline companies restricting some of them going even further and completely suspending flights in and out of the country. They say that's because they need to protect their passengers and their staff.
President Xi Jinping yesterday the man who has said he is in charge of directing personally the response to this described this outbreak of coronavirus as a devil they are throwing everything. They have at it in terms of logistics something of course by the nature of the authoritarian communist party control government here they can do very well thousands of military personnel doctors, a huge amount of money being sent in to try and assist as well but at the same time the effort is to try and stop the spread and just contain this virus. The most effective way of doing that in recent days has essentially been to tell everyone not to return to work not to return to school. They've postponed the end of China's Lunar New Year Festival that's because the prospect of tens of millions of people Criss crossing the country over the coming days and this what they could do for spreading the diseases.
Now, the race is on to find a way of immunizing people from the coronavirus and there has been a development in Australia. Scientists have been able to replicate it in the laboratory here's. The team who did it, all feeds into the global health response and the public view for a Public Health Initiative. It's a really important component that because no viruses appeared to come out of China yet and it appears that other people have had difficulty growing.  Australia has also announced that it will quarantine suspected cases on Christmas Island which is better known for being the place which houses migrants while their claims to stay in Australia are assessed.
since 2003 it's been used as a detention centre a place where asylum seekers are kept and detained it is famous for a recently reopened particular detention center that has recently been criticized for bad conditions for human rights violations. It's currently housing Astra Lankan family of four this detention center is going to be quarantine zone. If you will and upon hearing that many have raised the question of why is it that 600 Australians including a hundred children that travelled with their families to celebrate the lunar year instead of being brought to hospitals in mainland China why are they being rought to Christmas Island about 2,000 kilometres from the mainland's actually closer to Indonesia than it is to Australia mainland the other thing is  if it's a place that's been criticized for bad conditions in the past why is it suddenly deemed okay for people to be there to be quarantined for 14 days is there going to be adequate guard  medical facilities. All of these are questions that the Prime Minister has not answered and also  inside Christmas Island themselves. It is also  heard from the authorities who've told local media that the first they heard about it from media. When the Prime Minister announced it so in principle there is a sense of relief that Australians and are coming back but the place that they're going to go to when they do come back is quite problematic.

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