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Many factors can affect the cost of your Bupa health insurance, but these are the most significant:

The Rising Cost of Health Care:
 Advances in medical technology, drugs and treatments help lead to improved quality of life and recovery rates for many people. Funding these new treatments Plus increases in the prices consultants and doctors charge typically increases costs each year. Bupa Providers Online (UK) work closely with doctors and hospitals to make sure these costs are fair and provide you with value for money.

Your Age:
To be fair to everyone age is one of the things, Bupa Providers online use to calculate the cost of your policy.

Where You Live:
Health care costs are different around the world and they also change at different rates each year to make costs fairer to everyone they're linked to where you live and to the likely cost of treatments there.

How to Calculate Bupa Health Insurance-Bupa Providers Online

Your Claims:
If you've claimed previously your price may be higher than if you haven't. If you have a product with a low claim’s bonus or a no claims discount and haven't made any claims or only low-value ones this may help reduce any price increase. Also, the amount of excess you choose to pay if you make a claim affects the price you pay. Typically, the more excess you choose to pay the lower your price.

Your Lifestyle:
Unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, for example, can also affect the cost of your health insurance. It's important that you tell us about these choices because if you don't it could affect a future claim, or if you stop smoking then tell us. If you can prove that you've been smoke-free for a number of years this may reduce the cost of your health insurance. Bupa Providers Online don't have shareholders to pay. They continue to invest in improving the health care you get from Bupa Providers Online and their aim to set price fairly.

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