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Private Medical Insurance or PMI is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ that start after your policy begins. it's for the unexpected and not for what you can predict such as the symptoms of chronic conditions once diagnosed or common symptoms of aging such as gradual deafness. It's also designed to work alongside not to replace all the services offered by the NHS and in all cases, customers retain their right to use the NHS at spewpa. BUPA providers' online policies have a number of exclusions, which help in cost making policies accessible to more people. Most types of insurance policies have exclusions and this is true of most health insurance companies - that's Bupa providers all of the standard exclusions can be found in your membership guide or policy benefit. It lists the treatment services and charges that are not covered and they are grouped under key headings some of these exclusions include pregnancy aging outpatient drugs and dressings and cosmetic surgery. 

Let's look at examples: Pregnancy and Childbirth: In this case, Bupa providers don't pay for routine treatment for either the pregnancy itself or childbirth and the delivery of a baby there are however some exceptions and these can be found in your membership document outpatient drugs and dressings. Bupa Providers online don't cover outpatient drugs and dressings that have been prescribed by your GP or provided for you to take home on leaving a hospital except for cancer-related conditions some exclusions have exceptions this means that there are some situations where treatment may be covered again. These exceptions will be detailed in your Bupa membership documents. It's worth noting the pre-existing conditions and chronic conditions are also not covered. If you have a condition but is not covered by your policy. You have a couple of options for advice and support from a team of nurses and doctors. you can contact Bupa Providers Online anytime. Health line is always available for health advice on any condition whether covered under the policy or not that could be affecting you or a family member. Bupa Providers' health line is open 24 hours a day seven days a week, where you can speak to Bupa representatives. Once you renew your policy in 2020 you'll have access to Bupa new digital GP app for unlimited 24/7 face to face GP consultations from your smartphone or tablet.

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